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Leadgy is a lead generator for science

Turn research data into a list and a map of qualified leads and GDPR-compliant contact details.

Unlock your niche's potential

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Explore your niche
Build a query
Pull every paper
Compile the data
Analyze your leads
Extract scientists
Build their profile
Know your market
Reach out
Map scientists
Get contact details
Contact them

“Leadgy is perfect to analyze a territory and get the means to reach out to qualified scientists in academic labs. Even in very small niches, the tool lets us dig into the papers and find key stakeholders in the field.“

One tool, all databases

We make sure to compile and consolidate every source of science papers out there to make sure you get the best content and don't miss any potential lead in your niche.

Qualify your leads
Just build a query and you are ready to launch.
You can build a query as precise as you wish to qualify your leads.
Find scientists:
Using a competitor's product
Using a specific cell-line
Using a particular technology
Working in a therapeutic area
In a specific country
Automated prospecting
Leadgy completely automates your lead generation needs. We analyze thousands of papers so you don't have to. Just tell what kind of experts you look for, and we do the work.
Intuitive dashboard
If a tool requires onboarding training, it's either too complex or too expensive. You will have an intuitive dashboard and a reactive support team.
Secure and confidential
No one but you have access to your searches. Our secured login and storage infrastructure guarantees your informations are safe.
Useful data only
Efficiently minimal, we only bring useful details on your leads. Information on qualified prospects that will help you close deals.

Step 1: Find papers to source your leads

We combine every science paper database to make sure you get the most out of your search query. Updated every week, our dataset lets you dig into innovation right from our prospecting tool. Combine anything from the name of a competing product to a specific cell-line, and get the best potential customer for your activities.

Step 2: Select the sources to be processed

With a carefuly built query, we will query every database and you can start exploring the science in your niche. The papers are the sources we will extract your leads from.

Step 3: Study the scientists' profiles

Our automated algorithm will crawl through each paper to extract authors and link them to their latest affiliation. Our crawlers will analyze the publication history of your authors, their main collaborators, their location, their contact details, and much more.

Step 4: Reach out

Now, all your leads are listed in a neat exportable table. You can also choose to explore them using our interactive map.